About Trecelyn Consultancy Services Ltd

Trecelyn Consultancy Services Ltd provides a professional estimation service for clients across the whole of the UK.  We utilise a team with over 45 years of industry experience to provide clients with in-depth research and accurate cost estimations, ensuring you are getting the best deal possible to complete your project.

Our Clients

We have worked with some of the biggest construction companies over the years, providing our estimation services for clients including:

* Subcontractors

* Main Contractors

* Developers

* General Builders

* Architects

* Suppliers

* Freelance Quantity Surveyors

* Consultancies

* Private Clients

Some of the plans we have helped a client produce

The Benefits

Our service is bespoke to your needs, with our team carrying out research on contractors to ensure you get the right contractors for the job at an affordable price.

We will provide all the tenders and costs for the project, as well as accurate results for the cost of the project including the price of sub-contractors and main contractors.

Contact us for more information on our experience and the estimation services we provide for businesses across the whole of the UK.